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Quick Change Adapter Kit

Quick Change Adapter Kit  :  
Quick Change Adapter Kit is designed hold primary components in place along the swing arm while the racer removes the rear tire. Once the tire is removed you may replace it with another tire already setup with quick change adapter components or flip the wheel around (along with the brake disk and sprocket) and replace it in a short amount of time. By changing the tire around, the rider is given the opportunity to utilize both sides of his tire.

Each component is also sold separately.  

Pictured: Yamaha QC Kit components (middle pic) and assembled (bottom pic)

Yamaha kits available for both the 9 1/2" disk or 9 3/4" disk. Will need to specify when ordering.

Kits made specifically for: Price
Honda® CRF450 $ 260.00 kit
Suzuki® RMZ450 $ 260.00 kit
Yamaha® YZF450 $ 260.00 kit
Yamaha® YZF426 $ 260.00 kit
Kawasaki® KX450 $ 260.00 kit
KTM® 450 $ 260.00 kit

Quick Change Kits installed on the Honda® & Yamaha®  (click on the picture to enlarge)  
 KTM, Suzuki, & Kawasaki not shown below

 Honda® CRF450
 Yamaha® YZF450
(also available for Yamaha® YZF426)

Quick Change Chain Adjustor(s)  only  :
These adjustors are countersunk allowing the axle head to slip inside the adjustor. This secures the axle head from spinning when tightening the nut on the other end. Made for Honda® CRF450, Yamaha® YZF450, Suzuki® RMZ450, Yamaha® YZF426, Kawasaki® KX450, or KTM® 450's. Colors available: Silver

$ 65 set
$ 38 each

Quick Change Center Disk Mount  only  :
The center disk mount for a Honda® will have four extensions, while the Yamaha® will have five extensions. Also available for Suzuki, Kawasaki and KTM's  Colors available: Silver

$ 45 each

Quick Change Knock-Off Nut  only  :
Colors available: Silver

$ 22.50 each

Quick Change Knock-Off Nut Wrench  only  :
Colors available: Silver

$ 35 each

Wheel Spacers  only  : Spacer available in various sizes listed below. All spacers 2 3/8” in length.
Sizes Available: Price:
15mm - 17mm (step spacer) $22.50 pair
15mm - 20mm (step spacer) $22.50 pair
15mm - 25mm (step spacer) $22.50 pair
17mm - 20mm (step spacer) $22.50 pair
17mm - 25mm (step spacer) $22.50 pair
15mm (non-step spacer) $22.50 pair
17mm (non-step spacer) $22.50 pair
20mm (non-step spacer) $22.50 pair
Custom Sizes Available - Call for Price

Rear Axle and Nut  : specially made to fit your stock forks.
Honda CRF 450 $ 55 each
Suzuki RMZ450 $ 55 each
Yamaha YZF450 $ 55 each
KTM 450 $ 85 each
Kawasaki KX450 $ 55 each
20mm x 11 1/2" Flat Track $ 55 each
20mm x 12 1/4" Flat Track $ 55 each
20mm x 12 5/8" Flat Track $ 55 each
Custom $ call   each
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